Drag brunch: The most fabulous way to start your weekend

Bow down, brunch enthusiasts! 👑 Your weekend just got a major upgrade, thanks to Queen of Hoxton’s drag brunch – the sassiest, fab-filled kickoff you never knew you needed!

Imagine this: a feast fit for royalty, drinks flowing like a river, and the queens themselves – serving looks and life lessons with a side of charisma. If you haven’t experienced the magic of a drag brunch, buckle up, honey, because you’re in for a treat!

The queens at Queen of Hoxton don’t just slay; they bring the house down. Expect a spectacle of singing, dancing, and laughter that’ll have you questioning why every brunch isn’t this fabulous.

And let’s talk vibes – the atmosphere at Queen of Hoxton’s drag brunch is straight-up electric. It’s not just a brunch; it’s a vibe, a mood, a whole experience. This is the spot where you let loose, throw caution to the wind, and have the time of your life with your ride-or-die crew.

Here are some pro tips to maximise your drag brunch escapade:

  1. Snatch those tickets early: This brunch is THE event, so don’t play yourself. Secure those tickets in advance, especially if you’re rolling deep with your fabulous squad.
  2. Fashion is your armour: This ain’t your average brunch, darling. Dress to impress in something comfy yet fierce – you’ll be serving looks and maybe even joining the queens on the dance floor!
  3. Early bird catches the glam: Arrive early to snag the best seat in the house. You want front-row access to all the slayage, trust.
  4. squad goals: Drag brunch is a communal affair. Rally your crew, because everything is more fabulous with your ride-or-die squad by your side.
  5. Release your inner diva: This ain’t the time to be shy. Embrace the glitter, embrace the glam, and let the fun take centre stage. It’s a show, and you’re the star!


Why wait? The crown is calling – snag your tickets to Queen of Hoxton’s drag brunch and brace yourself for a brunch experience like no other! https://queenofhoxton.com/