Winter: Skye Halla


Skye Halla

A Nordic Viking Feasting and Drinking Hall in the Clouds

Launching Thursday 27th October (until end of March 2017)

Monday-Saturday 4pm – 10pm

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Presided over by beautiful Shield-Maiden Skye, Queen of Hoxton’s Winter Wigwam will this year be transformed into a Nordic Viking stronghold complete with long boat, feasting hall inside a WigWam, fire pits, driftwood sculptures and a plenty of drinking horns.

Skye invites you to escape modern life and join her band of noble savages celebrating a victorious battle. Raise a skål to Skye and enjoy Nordic nights filled with flowing mead, foraged cocktails, crackling fires, debauched deeds and decadent feasting.

As always a series of immersive events and workshops specially curated to our theme will be on offer throughout the Winter. Please read on for sample food, drink, and events.

Food & Drink Menu

Sample Cocktail Menu

Freyja’s Love Elixirs – Nettle, Dandelion and Elderflower Martinis with Nettle Bitters

Thor’s Courage – Hot Mead Punch with Honey, Ginger, Rosemary and Gin

Blood of Loki – Whiskey Sour with Thyme, Orange, Lemon and Port

Skye’s Hot Buttered Rum – Our Famous Spiced Hot Buttered Rum

 Sample Food Menu

 Hodhr’s Hotpot – Pork belly hot pot with apples, potatoes, herb, wild & smoked garlic. Served with optional crusty roll

Rán’s Rosti – Salmon Rosti with dill, wild garlic and thyme served with optional sides of pickled sweet and sour red cabbage and buttery root vegetable mash

Týr’s Sloe Gin Turkey Leg – Slow braised turkey leg glazed with sloe gin gravy

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