Winter: Skye Halla


Skye Halla

A Nordic Viking Feasting and Drinking Hall in the Clouds

Launching Thursday 27th October (until end of March 2017)

Monday-Saturday 4pm – 10pm

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Presided over by beautiful Shield-Maiden Skye, Queen of Hoxton’s Winter Wigwam will this year be transformed into a Nordic Viking stronghold complete with long boat, feasting hall inside a WigWam, fire pits, driftwood sculptures and a plenty of drinking horns.

Skye invites you to escape modern life and join her band of noble savages celebrating a victorious battle. Raise a skål to Skye and enjoy Nordic nights filled with flowing mead, foraged cocktails, crackling fires, debauched deeds and decadent feasting.

As always a series of immersive events and workshops specially curated to our theme will be on offer throughout the Winter. Please read on for sample food, drink, and events.

Food & Drink Menu

Drinks Menu

Blood of Loki – Four Roses Small Batch Whiskey, Port, Lemon Juice, Thyme & Ginger Reduction, Sugar, Rosemary Reduction – £8

Freya’s Nettle Love Elixir – St Germaine Elderflower Liquor,Lemon,Stinging nettle infused Gin (Hendricks), honey – £7.90

Freya’s Dandelion Love Elixir – St Germain Elderflower liqueur, Dandelion infused Vodka (Absolut Elyx) – £7.90

Gullveig’s Grog – Monkey Shoulder Whisky,Lindisfarne Mead, St Germain Elderflower, topped with Pale Ale – £8

Thor’s Courage – Bison Green Grass Vodka, Lindisfarne Mead, Apple juice and Honey – £6.50

Skye’s Hot Buttered Rum – Our secret hot buttered mixture, Sailor Jerry Rum – £6

Bjork’s Wild Brambled Wine – Spiced Red Wine, Hendricks Gin – £6.50

Food Menu

Daily Feasting Menu : Everyday Monday to Saturday:

Hodhr’s Hotpot – Pork belly hotpot with apples, potatoes, herb, wild and smoked garlic – £5 with crusty roll / £8 with sides

Solveig’s Stew (V) – Root vegetables, golden beets, horseradish & barley stew – £5 with crusty roll / £8 with sides

Gunnar’s Goulash – Vegetable goulash pie with parsley sauce served with sides – £8

Rán’s Rosti – Salmon Rosti with dill, wild garlic and thyme served with sides – £8

 Specials Menu:

Mon & Tues: Vigids’s Venison: goulash meatballs served with sides – £8

Wed & Thurs: Týr’s Turkey: sloe gin braised turkey legserved with sides – £8

Fri & Sat: Hakon’s Hog: roast loin of crispy pork with crackling and parsley sauce served with sides – £8

Sides: Root vegetable crush; sweet and sour red cabbage

 Private Hire

If you’re looking to making a lasting impression with your event, look no further than our famous wigwam on our heated roof terrace in the hear of Shoreditch. Full details here.

Please contact Jennie via email or call directly 0203 889 8721.

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